Travel Bag Essentials: Road-Trip Edition


Travel Essentials

Anyone who road-trips knows the importance of having a few essential within easy reach. After all, nobody wants to be the person on the side of the road digging through their suitcase for that one item they really need.

My boyfriend and I road-trip a lot, and I always make sure to have these items on hand before every trip.

  1. Laptop

    Whenever I’m going on a long trip, you will always find my laptop in my bag. This ensures its safety and keeps it close by in case I need it.

  2. Sunglasses

    Obviously, a no-brainer road-trip essential is a pair of good sunglasses. This is not the thing you want to forget on a long, sunny drive!

  3. Travel Wallet

    A wallet with your essential cards and a bit of cash is a basic necessity for road-trips. Whether it’s filling up gas, or feeding your caffeine addiction, it’s important to have some money on hand. My Prada WOC is my favorite for travelling because it works as a wallet in my bigger bags and a bag on its own while I’m on the trip. You can see it styled here & here.

  4. Touch-Up MakeUp Bag

    I don’t tend to wear much makeup while travelling, but it’s nice to have a few essentials to touch-up my makeup throughout the day. I use the pouch that came with my Saint Laurent tote for my makeup basics, which normally includes a compact, some lipgloss, and a good concealer.

  5. Lotions

    Travelling can be hard on your skin, so it’s important to have good skin products on hand, like my favorite L’Occitane lotion. [And Altoids to keep your breath fresh too!]

  6. Necessity Pouch

    A necessity pouch, filled with things like Advil, hand sanitizer, and tweezers, is a necessity for any bag I carry, so a travel bag is no exception. If you want to go the non-designer route, you can also buy a minimergency kit, which includes a lot of the things you might need in a tight spot.

  7. An Audiobook

    Obviously, a phone is always an essential, but on road-trips, I especially like to use my phone for audiobooks. I’m a subscriber to Audible (Amazon’s monthly audiobook subscription), which is basically a necessity if you are a reading addict like me.

    Sometimes there isn’t time in the day to pick up a physical book, and when that’s the case, an audiobook is a great alternative. Plus, if you sign up for Audible, you can get your first audiobook free. Since you can cancel at any time (including after your first book) who wouldn’t want to give it a try?

  8. Tech Charger

    On road-trips it’s always important to bring chargers (and car adapters) to keep all your tech juiced up and ready to go. Especially with the new audiobook you plan to listen to!

  9. A Good Book

    Even with an audiobook, it’s always nice to have a good book to keep busy throughout a road-trip… Or when you arrive at your destination. I’m currently reading Me Before You, so no spoilers, please!

  10. Travel Tote

    Finally, a good carry-all tote is really the main necessity when it comes to preparing for a road-trip. I love my Saint Laurent tote (see it worn here & here), but Tory Burch also makes a great one, and if you’re looking for a non-designer option, I also like this tote from Nordstrom.



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      September 23, 2016 / 11:57 pm

      Glad you like my picks!

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      September 27, 2016 / 9:33 am

      Thank you! And yes, both are such necessities!

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      September 29, 2016 / 10:12 am

      Thank you!

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