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Dress: Banana Republic | Heels: Steve Madden | Lips: NYX |
Wallet on a Chain: Prada

This lace dress from Banana Republic, in my opinion, is perfect for any summer or fall wedding. It’s bright, yet modest. And it’s also something that can be used again and again because lace never really goes out of style. Plus, the blue color is so beautiful, you’re sure to stand out in all the right ways.

I’ve kept my pairings for the dress simple in this look. I’m wearing my favorite black heels from Steve Madden, along with my Prada wallet on a chain. I’ve left the chain on but opted to use it as a clutch in this look. I think that the chain hanging at my side adds another dimension to the look.

You might also notice (though probably not because it’s quite dainty) the new necklace I received for my birthday. It’s from Adina Reyter and I also mentioned it in my birthday wishlist here. My boyfriend gifted it to me and I’m totally in love.


Top 5 Summer Essentials

SummerEssentials (1)


  1. Black Ray-Ban Aviators

    I don’t know if there is a style of sunglasses that I like more than the classic 58-mm aviators from Ray-Ban. It’s funny, because when I was younger, I thought the style looked too intense on my face, but now I can’t get enough of it.

  2. Prada Wallet on a Chain

    This has truly been my go-to bag of the summer. I know it’s black and doesn’t exactly scream sunshine, but its easy-breezy attitude is exactly what I want during long, hot days. I love that I can throw it on and wear it all day long. It takes me from casual days to formal nights, and it’s hard to find an outfit that it doesn’t go with.

  3. L’Occitane Lotion

    I know lots of people rave about this lotion, and I guess I’ll have to be someone you add to that list. I’m pretty picky on the beauty items I splurge for — I have to really think they’re worth the higher price tag — but this lotion is worth it for me every time. As someone with notoriously dry skin, I try to always have it on hand

  4. Essie Polish & Gel Setter

    Even though most people go for bright polishes during the summer, I tend to keep my colors more natural, and so I love neutrals with the slightest hint of color. This polish from Essie (Topless & Barefoot) is a go-to of mine, and I always top my polishes with the Essie Gel Setter to help extend the life of the polish.

  5. Rebecca Minkoff Georgina Sandals

    I couldn’t show you my favorite summer items without including these Georgina sandals from Rebecca Minkoff. I think they bring an edge to some of my classic outfits, and I love that I can get away with them on slightly dressier occasions as well. They’re comfortable, easy, and go with just about everything in my wardrobe.



Summer Wardrobe Necessities

Summer Wardrobe Essentials

See the full look here.

Rather than completely redesigning your wardrobe each season, I’m all about finding transitional pieces that can carry you for multiple months and seasons throughout the year. And although summer might soon be coming to an end, I’m not quite ready to let it go.

With that it mind, here are my four top summer wardrobe necessities… because not all good things need to change.

  1. The Sandal

    There are two ways to interpret the summer sandal. There’s the flat sandal and then there’s the heeled sandal. And whether you’re investing in one of these styles — or both — look for a shoe that will last while also standing the test of time. Although it might seem ‘cheaper’ to go for less expensive alternatives, I suggest finding shoes that will last (see my post on Investment Shoes Under $150 for more). If you find a pair of classic sandals, the style will last you for years. So you want to make sure the shoe will last that long as well.

  2. The Short

    We all know what it’s like to be caught in summer heat without the right clothing. So you’ll understand the importance of a good pair of shorts in your wardrobe. Whether it’s longer pair of shorts, or cut-off denim, find a pair that will always make you comfortable. It’s never fun to pull at a pair of too small shorts. You want to be comfortable while being stylish, so make sure you find shorts that can do both.

  3. The Capri

    As important as shorts are in a summer wardrobe, I also don’t like being without a good pair of capris in the summer. To add versatility in my wardrobe, I especially like to roll regular length jeans, giving a crop look without being limited by the style. In places where summers don’t get to scorching degrees, a capri can be a good day-to-night look that will keep you warm in the night-time breeze. You can see one of my styled summer capri looks here.

  4. The Dress

    Obviously there is very little more ambiguous than the classification of a ‘dress’. There are long dresses, short dresses, fancy dresses and casual dresses. If you wanted to, you could probably get away with wearing nothing but dresses all summer long.

    But when looking for the perfect everyday summer dress, look for something that is long enough to keep you comfortable and short enough to keep you cool. Make sure it’s a style (or styles) that you are comfortable in. When it’s hot out, the last thing you want to be doing is pulling at your clothes and wishing you had something better on. My favorite is an a-line dress. I feel good in the style, and it can take me from a sandy beach to a dinner date without even trying.

Goodbye, New York

Prada ShadesVince Camuto Winola SandalsGucci Soho Bag & Winola SandasIMG_7790

Bag: Gucci | Shoes: Vince Camuto | Denim: American Eagle |
Blouse: Aritzia (similar) | Shades: Prada | Watch: Burberry (updated version)

This outfit was from our last day in NYC, which was quite bittersweet. My boyfriend and I had a great time, the city was amazing and full of life, but work and family drew us away. The truth is, as much as we loved New York, certain aspects really made us appreciate home and our shrunk-down version of NYC, the city of Toronto.

In this look, I’m wearing my Winola lace-up sandals from Vince Camuto, as well as my favorite AE denim, and a blouse from Aritzia’s Talula brand that I’ve had for years. I’m also wearing my Gucci Soho crossbody bag, which was literally the bag I carried every single day while in New York City. It’s small so it doesn’t get too heavy on long days, but it’s also roomy enough to fit all my most-needed necessities.

You can see my other NYC looks here & here

American Eagle denim, Aritzia Blouse, Vince Camuto sandals, Gucci Soho crossbody, Prada shades Prada shades & Aritzia blouse Gucci Soho crossbody & Prada shades

The Birthday Edit


Birthday Wishlist (1)

August is my birthday month… and with birthdays come wishlists. These are some of the items I’ve been craving lately, and I think each one makes a perfect gift for someone special in your life.

  1. St. Tropez Self Tanning Set

    I love St. Tropez self tanners and when I found this from the Nordstrom sale it looked too good to pass up.

  2. Blue Mirror Ray-Bans

    I’ve been wanting some gold Ray-Bans for a while now. I’m a big lover of gold accessories, so I think it only makes sense to have some good gold aviators. I’m not sure if I’m going to go for a more colorful pair, like the ones linked, or the original gold color with black lenses.

  3. Pave Bar Necklace

    I have been on the lookout for the perfect bar necklace and this pave necklace from Adina Reyter is a top contender. I love the gold and diamonds and think it would be a perfect everyday jewelry addition.

  4. Kate Spade Bracelet

    I linked this in my summer edit, but I’m still not over this knot bracelet from Kate Spade. I think it would work so well stacked with other items, or on it’s own.

  5. Cole Haan Flats

    I love these Tali ballet flats from Cole Hann, especially because of the bow on top.

  6. Cutting Board Set

    Honestly, I’ve been day-dreaming about the cutting board set from Thirstystone. I love how it gives you a holder for the boards, and think it would make a great addition to my kitchen countertop.

The Birthday Edit