The Book Lover’s Gift Guide


Christmas Gift Guide

1. The Husband’s Secret | 2. The Fault in Our Stars | 3. Small Great Things | 4. Mr. Mercedes | 5. Invisible | 6. Angels & Demons | 7. What Alice Forgot |
8. Kindle Paperwhite

Leading up to Christmas next month, I’ll be posting a series of gift guides to help you get prepared for the season. Christmas is my favorite time of year, and I truly love finding the perfect gift for everyone on my list. So with these gift guides, I hope I can help you do the same.

I’m starting out with a book lover’s gift guide, as I’m actually a huge book reader. And I also happen to think books make wonderful gifts.

Books can make you see the world differently, and by gifting a book, you can pass that new perspective on to someone else. What Alice Forgot, for example, has a way of helping you learn to appreciate the things you have, by giving you a fresh set of eyes about the things that matter most.

Also, with the exception of Small Great Things, I’ve read every book on this list. I’ve loved each one of them, which is why they’re in this guide. In fact, the only reason I haven’t read Jodi Picoult’s latest hit is because it’s still on my own wishlist. Though I’ve read many others by her, and so I’m sure it’ll be just as powerful.

I’ve sectioned the list into three categories, because something you gift your mother or your best friend might be different than what you gift a boyfriend or a great guy in your life. My boyfriend, for example, was OBSESSED with Invisible by James Patterson. As was I.

I’ve also added a kindle at the end, because if the person you are gifting is anything like me, then they probably need a place to store their never-ending book collection. And a virtual space with lots of room is always a good way to start.



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